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All Types of Legal Services

At the Law Offices of Cheri L. McCracken, we offer legal services of all types. If you have a legal problem, please call our team for questions or to schedule a consultation, at (602) 231-0595 or use our convenient online form.

Legal Help We Offer:

Business Representation:

Cheri has represented businesses with employee issues, provide EEOC training, develop policies and procedures, and handled representation through any administrative processes and in the court’s systems. She conducted investigations for sexual harassment charges and other areas of discrimination claims.

Limited Liability Companies:

We can set up a LLC, draft the Operating Agreement, develop the Articles of Organization, do Buy-Sell Agreements, research the name you want on your business. We can also set up incorporations.


If the issue is not resolved prior to filing a complaint in the Court System, we can take you from filing the complaint, to discovery, settlement negotiations, depositions, dispositive motions, trial if necessary, and appeals.

Real Estate / Transactions:

We can handle your real estate needs, whether you have a commercial deal, a lease negotiation, or a title problem. We can also handle any issues that need to be litigated.

Adoptions, Non Criminal Juvenile Matters, Guardianships:

We handle adoptions, Department of Economic Security (DES) adoptions, grandparent representation in the Juvenile Court System, other incapacitated individuals and petitions for guardianships. This can be a very stressful time. We have the knowledge and the resources to help you through this difficult time.

Student Needs:

Cheri McCracken has dealt with many schools (preschool through college), school districts, charter schools, and even university departments concerning disabilities and the need for accommodations. She has been personally involved with learning disabled children, special testing for needs, and accommodations for over 30 years.

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